Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scheme about?

The Department for Education originally provided digital devices (laptops and tablets) and internet access for some disadvantaged children and young people who do not currently have access to them from other sources, such as their school. South Tyneside Council have now undertaken to support these devices for the forseeable future.

Who can receive digital devices?

Laptops and tablets were provided for disadvantaged families, children and young people who dido not have access to them through another source, such as their school.

Who owns the device?

The Council own the device.

What happens if the device breaks down?

You will be given a contact number to arrange a repair. It may be necessary to return the device to the issuing location depending on the fault.

Do I need to insure it?

You are responsible for looking after the device and making sure it is not damaged, lost or stole. You might be covered on your normal household insurance policy, but check with your insurer. You should make every effort to ensure that the device is kept safe and secure.

Can I attach a printer to the device?

Yes, depending on the type of connection needed.

I need access to a particular site or software for educational purposes or to pursue an employment application or requirement. How do I go about gaining access?

Contact our technical support team on the number provided.

I have been a victim of fraud, bullying or scams from an e mail or other contact via the device. Am I responsible for any costs or further action incurred?

Yes. The Council are not responsible for any actions taken on the device or any communications sent or received. The responsibility lies with the Recipient.